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Tuesday, October 6, 2009; 11:09 PM

Ok...long long time never update liao...very busy at work and lazy when at home lol. Anyway time to announce my good going to ROM on 18th November 2009! :D
Another 1 month plus to go..getting abit nervous..dress is still with the shop for alteration..will be going down on 12th Oct to try it out. Haven't settle accessories and shoe..hope everything goes well :)..anyway quite alot of pictures acumulated from all these time which I didn't goes..
Gift from dear on proposal day
Proposal ring


Dear caught it

1 more

Decided to take Singapore flyer


Kitty wants to take flyer!

Take scenery cos dunno what to take liao

Milk Milk!

Cardholder with free engraving

Ok now countdown to ROM liao....42 more days ^^

Thursday, August 13, 2009; 6:52 PM

Last weekend was spent in Aloha Changi celebrating my birthday..2 days of bbq...kinda turn off at night cos tons of cockroaches in the kitchen drawers. Super turn off and seriously I wun recommend there anymore. Next time will try NSRCC instead.

Was very tired throughout as we didnt slp much for 2 days and lots of things to prepare. Thank god Monday was a public holiday so I get to rest at home. But poor dear have to go back to work on Mon and was real tired. This year didnt wanna make it into a big celebration so just a small one with friends and family.

1st day was with the ew peeps..had a small gathering and its so nice to meet up with the ex-ew..bought wii over and it was fun to have a few people to play together. 2nd day my relatives came over and my parents too..was very busy as we had to serve them with food..until only in the evening then we got to rest abit and have our dinner. Anyway thanks to my mum for helping to entertain and wash up everything and my dad whom sponsored all my food and drinks.

Here are some presents/ang pows which I receive this year..not bad though for this year lol..

Birthday card given by Jeff's gf, sweet of her

From Leila and Janah

From ew pals

from ew pals too

also from ew pals
big big ang pows
from my aunt

from my colleagues :)

from my colleagues as well paiseh I ate up Mufid and Qida's present didnt get a chance to take chocolates and cookies..and yummy..thus I finished it up on Monday liao...

Truffle birthday cake..very yummy!

Wondering what dear bought for me? My favourite phone, Nokia N97! Simply love it ^^ Thank you soooo much!!

Will be posting up my good news up next when I have the stay tune :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009; 6:13 PM

Been working for 7 days straight liao with OT and still need to work for 3 more days before i get my off. Dead tired but still went out and relax abit over the wk ends with the gang. As usual, I will still do my favourite activity.....catch bear bear..all caught by dear though..I kinda suck at it
Elmo @ MS

This jap dunno bear or dog..also from MS

Also from MS

This big big stitch is the biggest one so far

From ECP

ECP also..


okays, that's all for the past 2-3 weeks..i seriously should find something else to do to stop myself from getting deeper and deeper into this habit.....our special day is in abt 3 months time...will slowly update more when the time is nearer and plans are confirmed.

Bought a new printer also cause the old one cant print out what I one includes photo printing so can print better quality pictures

Next thing I wanna get is Nokia N97! Omnia is nice but not very user friendly to well, time for a new phone la anyway..lols

Friday, July 17, 2009; 11:37 PM

Happy 4 years Anniversary to Dear and me! :D

Saturday, July 4, 2009; 5:40 PM

Back to update abit on some photos..cant rem what I did during off days liao but here are pictures of our usual catch at various totally engrossed in playing sims 3 until I've got no time for other things.
Another new game for PS3

The super addictive Sims 3!

Caught @ Marina Square..2bucks each!

@ ECP which cost more than 10bucks...

@ Bugis

@ ECP too


Iluma too..

Dog @ Iluma and monkey from ECP

Had some new toys but next time then upload going for medium sized toys onwards if possible..cos more worth again when Im free ba..tata

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