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Wednesday, December 31, 2008; 1:05 AM

Random Post

1 more day to goodbye 2008 and hello to 2009

Year 2008 was a not so good year for me especially the during the last 3 months. Had met some 小人 who likes to backstab people and people who is 两
头蛇. So, anyway 小人 is not in my life anymore so yippie~

Hope that year 2009 will be a better one for everyone! year resolutions I haven't think of it lol..

Happy new year eve to all^^

Monday, December 29, 2008; 5:54 PM

27th December 2008

Met up with QiuLi to buy a present and a birthday cake for our friend Amanda cos she's having a pre birthday celebration at Bugis (actual day is 31st Dec). They went to top 1 ktv and me and dear went in to cut cake with her only and left after that as we both are not singing. Some pictures taken inside the room

The cake

Birthday girl posing
now make a wish

den blow the candles.. take out the outer wrapper first

Ok! now can cut liao :D

After the short celebration, me and dear went to BHG as I wanted to buy found one pair that I like and bought it :)

Next to KFC near leisure park to meet up with Jeff and Diane for our dinner and walk around leisure park as well. Bought a precious moments passport holder there and as well as a mushroom design toothpick container .... no pictures yet cos I left everything in QiuLi's

Francis, WenZhe and QiuLi came over to join us after their work/celebration. Walk all the way from leisure park to Aljunied MRT..den went to you tiao da wang for dessert. After our dessert, wanted to find some place to chill out so QiuLi suggested her place and everyone went there hoping to play mahjong but got table no mahjong lol. So, ended up playing cards instead. WenZhe personally made a mayo + bean paste + pepper sauce and QiuLi made tomyum soup with chilli sauce, pepper, sesame oil as our forfeit for losing. Played till 4am and went back home to sleep liao as everyone was tired as well.

2 more days to new year's eve :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008; 2:14 PM

Just woke up after Christmas Eve's decided to update my blog again ba..Merry Christmas to everyone~ Hope you had enjoyed your Christmas be it with friends, family or love ones. For me, I spent my Christmas eve with friends and dear.

24th December 2008

Dear came over to my house after he knock off from work at 12.30pm. Had KFC for lunch and wrap our presents up as we are going to have a gift exchange session with the rest of the gang. Met up with Jeff, QiuLi, Francis, Fianeis, Diane and Isabelle at Bedok interchange and off we go to ys house for steamboat dinner. Thanks to ys and his mum for preparing our food and it was a wonderful meal. Billy, Leila and aunty Connie came over a short while after to join us in our dinner. No pictures as everyone is enjoying their food and company.

After dinner, ys drove everyone down to The Cathay for our movie Ip Man. Movie was nice, worth the money if you like martial arts film. Dear loved it and even wanted to buy the dvd when it's released...personally for me I am impressed with their kung fu skills even though I know nothing about kung fu. LOL

After movie, it was almost 12am..but erm by the time we got out of the building it seems to be after 12am ehh no countdown for us..just simply wish our friends a Merry Christmas~ Off we go to mount faber to relax and chit chat session. Stayed there till about 2am then ys sent aunty Connie and Fianeis home before we head to this place call "rui chun" for dim sum. Food was nice but abit costly..but oh well..its dim sum after all.

Finally headed home at about 4am and straight to bed we went as dear needs to work on Christmas day...sian right..he woke up at about 6plus am to prepare for work and after he left I continue my piggy sleep until 2pm......hahaha...

Our christmas gifts from dear friends:

Dear's uniquely designed gift from QiuLi

My cutie dog design gift from Jeff

Aunty Connie's gifts to us when she went overseas

And last of all, dear's birthday present from Aunty Connie as well

Thanks to everyone for their presents and hope that they liked their presents too ^^ Gathering for this coming Wednesday's New Year Party ba :D

Monday, December 22, 2008; 12:06 PM

21st December 2008

Slept till 3pm then woke up and prepare cos im having dinner with dear and his family to celebrate his belated bday. His sis came over to fetch me and off we went to AMK to eat seafood but they specialise in crabs. I think the name was mellben restaurant or something like that..cant remember lol..anyway food was ok..not bad..price is reasonable as well. After dinner, we went off to Tampines to have a little shopping. Bought some Christmas presents and I saw this cute snowman shaped thing at BreadTalk..

Lol..I dont know what's inside it yet..shall go try it out then update on it. After walking through the over crowded Tampines Mall and Century Square, his sis sent me home and that ends my Sunday. ^^

20th December 2008

Today is dear's actual birthday so Happy Birthday! Real tired as I didnt sleep much in the tent and ys drove us home at about 9am. Reached home quickly bathe and suddenly my mouth very itchy so cooked some porridge to eat first before we ko-ed. Slept at 10plus am and woke up at 4pm .... went to surf net awhile and play games until abt 7plus Jeff sms-ed to inform to meet at Pasir Ris at 9pm for fishing. So took a bus from my house there and the journey makes me wanna puke. Next time just take train liao...Once there, immediately feel hungry and thirsty again..ys drove us all to Pasir Ris park to find a good spot to settle down and fish. From 11pm till 5am we spent the night there but least we caught a home at about 6am and immediately KO liao..

19th December 2008

Its the day of celebration today. Stayed at home and wait for dear's cake to arrive at 6pm. After that, dear reached and we ate some dessert and packing stuff while waiting for ys to come over to pick us up as we're carrying two cakes and I'am bringing my doggie along for camping. Reached ECP at about 8plus and went to meet up with the rest and proceed to pitch up the tents. Ok, ordered 4 large pizzas from canadian pizza and at about 12mn after everybody reached, we started our celebration. (Not much pics from my phone though..anyone has other pics please send to me thanks :D)

Diane's cake

Dear's cake (its all cake!)

"Director" Jeff and dear (duno what they doing)

One more picture of "Director" jeff (lighting candle ceremony)

Make a wish time (but Diane is not ready yet)

Ok..make wish again

Birthday gal Diane & Birthday boy TP

what's up why TP always close eyes one...

Happy 18th Birthday to Diane and 23rd Birthday to 2 videos but ehh sorry ar..have to tilt your heads abit to watch it due to my noob-ness in video taking.

Thursday, December 18, 2008; 12:18 PM

17th December 2008

Met up with dear at his workplace and off we go to Suntec to meet up with jeff, diane, hy, qiuli and ys for movie "Bolt" at 7pm. Movie cost $10 each cos heard they reduced the price already. Anyway the show is cute, funny and like most disney movies it has a nice ending ^^ Shan't elaborate on the story in case someone whack me for spoilers. Lol

After movie we went to foodcourt to have our late dinner and was a horrible experience. Food just arrived and I happily wanted to tuck in but suddenly I turn back and saw this huge cockroach behind just underneath another table. =_="..luckily I did not get really paranoid there but still I cant help but keep turning back and stare..there were 2 guys sitting behind us and they kinda look confused cos everyone was looking at their side but actually cos the cockroach was just underneath them..hmm anyway after awhile the cockroach suddenly died there haha..maybe food poisoning :P finally able to eat at ease.

Everybody finished their meals and was about to go off when this flying cockroach flew past everyone and landed behind AGAIN. This cause everyone to scramble off their seats and quickly get out of there. Damn disgusting!!!! I think the cockroach flew to another couple's table cos the both of them jumped out from their seats as well when I turned back lol.....the hygiene really is...nothing to say.

Anyway, after that horrifying meal at the foodcourt, we had to go home as dear needs to work the next day. So ys send everyone home and dear gave me a massage first before we went to sleep as my back is aching again. 2 more days to dear's birthday :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008; 9:31 PM

Update again..went to white sands shopping centre to walk walk today. Was raining for half the afternoon so felt kinda lazy to go out at first..anyway alot of shops are having discounts since Christmas is coming so I feel that its the best time for shopping.

Feeling very moody and emo recently..dunno why also..things which I was looking forward to don't seem to be any special to me as well now. Haiz..hope this feeling don't last long ba. Anyway these are some stuffs that dear bought for me at Pasir Ris today

This is the 4th book of the twilight saga..simply love twilight :)..I cant find the 2nd and 3rd book at popular bookstore if anybody come across those 2 books please let me know cause I wanna buy all 4 books :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008; 10:05 PM

I'm back to being a free girl hopefully more updates from me ba went out for barely 2 hours and already spent quite alot of money...kk so have to control abit ba cause somemore dear's birthday coming..going to buy him a mp3/mp4 player ba so wait for him to choose ba and I pay money haha..anyway here are my loots for today

Tidbits to munch at night when watching movie :)

Cheap cheap clear folder for my notes

Some basic necessities...

Tee from pepperplus (i got attracted by the doggie design)

Mango cake from bengawan solo cos I have a craving for cake today

Random pic 1

Random pic 2

Thursday, December 11, 2008; 2:21 PM

ok..recently been working so haven't got much time to update. Yesterday started working shift but i felt that the job scope was not right for me. On Tuesday, two of my colleagues felt stressed up and left the company, which i understand why they will do that. Firstly, we did not receive enough training to start to handle things on our own. Secondly, supervisor gave us our schedules which indicates that its OJT, but it turns out to be actual shift....=_=" then what's the purpose of stating OJT...........anyway, regardless of the haywire management and stressful worklife, I still met a group of nice gals :)

kin, Meiying, priya, lyia, seri, siti, rafidah..will miss you all when we're working in different places. keep in touch! and I would also like to thank Mr Bala for being so patient and guiding me even though you knew about my thoughts at work. Lol..sorry I had to disappoint you.

Ok, getting pay soon liao..going to order dear's birthday cake liao..but its a surprise until the actual day itself so stay tune ba..celebration will be on 19th Dec ba (Friday) then camp till 20th morning. Mr Ng, please choose your present soon. Thank you. LOL..kk i'll update soon ^^

Saturday, December 6, 2008; 8:29 PM

Finally I'am off today. After work yesterday, met up with dear and he stayed over last night. This afternoon we head for expo to walk walk. Had our lunch, den headed to Bedok interchange. Still deciding which watch I want as now City Chain is having 20% discount. Went to this shop that sells alot of cheap stuff and I just grabbed these mickey mouse stuff which is damn cheap..

Well..anyway after that I bought a lip balm as my lips are peeling like mad due to being in aircon place for too long. Ok, back to expo..borders is having sale as well as John Little..didnt find anything interesting in Borders so went over to John Little. Saw 2 pairs of shoes which I wanted to buy but there's no more sizes end up only bought some snacks and face cream and dear bought a pillow lol

Went off from expo at 5plus and went back to Bedok to tabao our dinner and bought some ingredients because we're making fried wanton :)

Received my latest work schedule. Next week only working for 2 days :D due to Monday being a public holiday. Anyway I'll update again soon. Tomorrow will be meeting dear again ^^ bb

Tuesday, December 2, 2008; 9:22 PM

2nd December 2008

Second day of work, lesson in the morning and had lunch at 12 with Priya. After lunch, went back office and we each got attached to a technician which we have to follow them around to see them doing their daily ATM maintenance. Learnt quite alot of things him and hopefully it will aid me in my work. They sent me to Bedok MRT after work and I meet up with dear. Bought dinner to my house and he stayed till 9plus. Tomorrow both of us are working again so have to sleep early..

1st December 2008

First day of the month, and also the first day of work for me. Erm..first day was kinda boring because there's nothing to do but so many things to learn. kept on wanting to fall asleep lol. Met a new friend today. Her name's Priya and she's such a nice gal and I'am glad i have her with me during working so at least work's more fun when we can chat. ^^ well..anyway I will be working from 9-6 on Mondays to Fridays. So there's only weekend for me to enjoy :(

Hopefully I would be able to meet dear for dinner on most of the days ba..if he dont do OT..and Saturday hope we are going to JB! But still in the midst of planning because in case something crops for dear's bday coming up in December..but..details shan't be revealed too much yet..slowly..

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