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Friday, January 30, 2009; 7:09 PM

29th January 2009

Dear buy wii for me today! Plus one cooking mama game..wii is bundled with wii sports already and even my dad and mum is playing it. Very happy cos finally got one of my wish fulfilled. Will look forward to buying more games.........haha....who free can come my house challenge virtual

Cooking Mama~

Saturday going to aunty Connie's house to bai stay tune for further updates ba :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009; 5:18 PM

Ok..quick update before I go shopping with dear again later. Back to work already after a few days off. Happt lunar new year to everyone. Hope you all have alot of ang pows! lol..mine was ok..not too bad compared to the past few years. Gonna start updating on what happened for the past few days. Opened my letterbox just now after work, received something me and dear have been waiting for...the letter from HDB to sign the agreement for lease..a piece of good news for us ^^ ok..just scroll down for the previous posts..

27th January 2009

2nd day of relatives were all coming to my house. Important guests also came..guess who? its dear's family lol..why important? cos its the first time they coming to my house haha. SO..imagine the with my 8 months old cute lol even my dog is scared of her. Finally see my cousins yiming, yiquan and yiqing, haven't seen them like for dunno how long. All grow up liao and become handsome and pretty liao. Played blackjack with them using mahjong chips =_=" yes its lame but its damn funny when you dun give a damn on how much u bet cos its not real money lol. After cousins went home, we went to dear's aunty's house. Stayed there till about 12am and his sis drove us home.

26th December 2009

1st day of cny..went to dear's house to bai nian till about 8plus den went to Qiuli's house to play. Lost 80plus bucks to people whom I dont even call it bad luck ba. Dear got angry due to some miscommunication and ended up he anyhow run lor. Met him at about quite some time later then things slowly get better lo. But..since the time was 3plus am already..we decided to just go home as I need to get up early the next day to prepare.

25th January 2009

Time for reunion dinner..had lunch with my parents and dinner with his parents. After dinner, went to river ang pao for the yearly new year event. Decorations was ok..didnt get to see alot of the decors cos its raining thus they switched off the lights. The food street was was cooked anyhow. Some not cooked properly..some no taste at all. So disappointing. Photos are with Fianeis so have to wait till he upload to my share folder first.

24th January 2009

Worked till 1pm, den got home to change and go shopping. Went to Taka to do some last min shopping. Didnt find anything suitable for me end up dear bought one shirt that's all. Afterwards, to my favourite Kinokuniya..where I wanted to buy my books and pens. Thanks to dear for buying everything even though that pen was a rip off.

Finally...3rd book of twilight saga

At last, I completed my collection :)

This pen costs 11bucks..but so smooth to write and I just had to get it

2 cans for his family and 1 for mine as we have another can already

His shirt for new year

Meeting Qiuli, Jeff n WenZhe at Orchard stroll there from Taka..on the way we smelled famous amos cookies! got tempted and went to buy one packet to eat. Went to Far East to look for clothes but no luck..didnt find anything nice. Bought this at Guardian..

Went down to Chinatown to meet up with hy and ys. Very crowded as everyone is shopping for new year goodies. There were performances by Mediacorp artistes as well but we didnt stay to watch. A few pictures we took..

Our balloons!

wan to try to tie a nice bun

Monday, January 19, 2009; 5:50 PM

18th January 2009

Wanted to go Takashimaya to shop using the vouchers my mum gave me..but not much time to go so we postponed it and went to Liang Court instead. Went in to kinokuniya and ahhhh got so many things I wanna buy...from notepads to pens and to books. Will drop by again hopefully next week. Dear bought me a very cute notepad but what strikes my interest was that, its actually origami, and the printing was sooooo cute that I just had to buy one to play with it.

Yea its kiddish but its so kawaii~

it can be folded into 8 different styles

Spent a long time in kinokuniya until I dont wanna leave. Head off to Bugis to meet the rest for steamboat dinner as well as to celebrate Guo Peng's birthday. Stuffed myself with soup and can drinks and ended up getting stomach ache. Some pictures taken after the dinner.

as usual, the cake

Next is, bday boy AND the cake

After bday song, wishing time...

followed by..the cutting cake ceremony

lastly, time to distribute the cakes cake very happy

i dunno what expression is

eat finish liao cover face

eat finish liao see other people eat

Home at day most people have to work. New addition to my family...a black goldfish..given to my mum by a guest..have not think of a name yet lol..

it looks like it has a very fat face..cute too ^^

17th January 2009

Its saturday! so ended work at 1pm..unhappy for the first half of the day..shan't elaborate more about it. Went to dear's relative's restaurant for reunion dinner. Steamboat dinner plus lots of shark's fin. Never take pictures cos busy eating and paiseh to take pics when other people are eating. No time to buy new year clothings....must hurry and find some time to go shopping liao.

Bye people.

Friday, January 16, 2009; 5:29 PM

A very happy day it was for me today. Firstly, because its Friday! meaning sat work halfday and sun off liao..marks the ending of a week..feeling more and more relaxed now that my work for Friday has ended. Secondly, and the more important thing is, our housing grant for the flat has been approved! and, we are getting the max grant given...wooo..whopping 30k..its going to be alot of help to us since the flat's cost price is 154k. Im just simply happy today :D :D :D

Meeting some of the peeps at Bedok later for late tata!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009; 10:53 PM

Today went to bedok 85 to eat with dear. Had stingray, sotong and kangkong..tastes nicer compared to the last time we ate at other stalls. Have to work from monday to not much updates liao. Mum gave me a 200 dollars Takashimaya me and dear going shopping during the weekends ba to find stuff to buy. Gd night ppl...

Friday, January 9, 2009; 6:13 PM

Ok..back again after having MIA for 5 days. Today was 2nd day of far so good..lots of things to learn but trainers are very patient and helpful. Colleagues are very nice too..anyway these are some of the things going on for the past few days...

8th January 2009

1st day of work..forgot must wear stocking...and put lipstick..but i only put on some colored lip gloss instead. Ended work at 4.30pm and went home to change and let down the hair. Met up with the rest of the gang again at 7.30pm at bugis for dinner. Irritated with someone who always likes to procastinate and buay zi dong. Anyway, reached home at 12plus am and dear stayed over :)

7th January 2009

Nothing special just rest at home playing games and prepare for 1st day of work on 8th Jan.

6th january 2009

Met dear at his workplace and head down to esplanade to meet the rest. Bought BK frm raffles city and sat at esplanade eating while waiting the all to arrive. Sat down relax, chit chat and had some gossiping before going home at 12am. Dear stay over as well since he's working the next reach home faster zzz liao..

Sunday, January 4, 2009; 8:24 PM

Today went to Bedok to buy a pair of shoes as my new job requires me to wear black covered toe shoes...I will be working at CGH..glad that I found this job right in the beginning of the year :)

ignore the legs please

Anyway after awhile of shopping, I felt somewhat tired and so we decided to go back home. Went to dig out some of my old ps2 games and we played 'hamster ball' LOL..gameplay is roughly the same as monkey ball..control a hamster in a ball and move through obstacles..cute and funny game that kept us occupied for 2hrs..laughed like a mad

3 January 2009

Roller blading at ECP plus drinking session with dear, jeff, hy, ys, diane, wenzhe and shifeng. Only me and dear rollerblade while the rest cycle. 1st time for me..fell 3 times..but no injuries except for one blue black only. Shifeng bought the chivas that was leftover from last week's outing and this time round I bought my absolute vodka with mango flavour to add on. I didnt drink much cos dont feel like drinking probably due to the tiredness after the blading session. Reached home at about 1.30am and zzz straightaway.

Friday, January 2, 2009; 12:22 AM

Hello was a boring new year's day today. Slacked at home the whole day and playing game

31st December 2008

Meeting the usual gang at Marina square. Was late for about 1hr paiseh paiseh..guess my new year's resolution will be to work on my lateness. After dilly dally-ing in and out of the foodcourt, we decided to head over to Suntec to *ahem* collect debts before heading to somewhere near singapore flyer to catch the fireworks.

End up settled at ECP highway bridge. Crowd was overwhelming as the time gets closer to 12am. Found a relatively good spot and spent like 1hr waiting for the fireworks. Forgot to bring camera so used hp to take down the fireworks video. Its about 7mins plus so enjoy. Oh btw, the one screaming throughout the video was not me, its HY. Guess she's really excited

View of the floating stadium

The 7 minutes firework video

Ys drove everyone to Bedok Reservoir park for drinking session after fireworks. Bought some mixer and stuff and off we go. Shifeng bought Martell and Chivas but we only managed to finish Martell as everyone was bloated up and going to KO liao. Headed to Bedok's Mac for their breakfast at 4am. Reached home at 5am and zzzz immediately cos giddy like mad.

The alcohol

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