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Thursday, May 21, 2009; 10:49 PM

20th May 2009

Claimed my off-in-lieu and went to cut my hair i got take pic then post ba..anyway we also went to see our new flat but sad..its still at the beginning part of building only..must wait ba..and some new toys AGAIN...caught on tue night and some over the wk ends..

2 relatives passed away i'll be spending some time in attending funerals...that's all ppl..more toys to come ba i

Monday, May 11, 2009; 10:06 PM

10th May 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all was a tiring and sad day..we only slept for about 2hours plus before waking up and going out to see ah boon..its been one year already since he left, time passes so fast..after praying, went for lunch at Hougang Mall and awhile to the arcade again...before all went home to slp..i only manage to slp for 1hr...before waking up and getting ready to go out again to have dinner with dear's family to celebrate mother's day.

Was tired the whole day so faster eat and went to Giant for awhile before going home and watch movies the comfortable way..which is on the

9th May 2009

Happy Vesak Day to all..worked till 1 plus pm cos very busy so by the time I reach home and slept for awhile its already 5pm....thanks dear for helping me to wrap up my niece's present and it was beautifully done. Went to my niece's 1yr old birthday chalet with dear and my parents but we didnt stay long cos the place was kinda cramp and stuffy with many people around. My parents went home at 8plus and me n dear went to meet up with Francis at Tampines before we head down to Suntec to meet with the rest.

Yep, its arcade time again..manage to catch one with 2bucks but subsequently spent 10 more bucks for other toys but did not succeed...

Went for supper at Bugis and decided to head to jeff's new house. Played the classic game Scrabble till about 4plus am when everyone was tired already so we just slept cos next day going to see ah boon.

8th May 2009

After work, meet up with some of the gang at Bugis for late dinner then proceed to our favourite activity...'fishing' plushies..caught 2 small and 1 big plushie..uhh the pink color stitch looks weird i know..but ehh just bear with it la cos only 1 buck...the small mickey also 1 buck..though it looks so much better :)

Tried for quite some time and after spending about 12bucks, Jeff for the 1st time offered 10bucks to 'fish' that Mickey out..and thank God, we managed to get it with Jeff's 7bucks..lucky lucky..

Went to the new shopping next to Bugis village but didnt try to catch any toys there cos all quite tricky..went to Mac to slack and chit chat for awhile b4 going home at 1am cos next day got work :(

Monday, May 4, 2009; 7:19 PM

Had a long weekend..super happy..spent the nights fishing for fish and plushies..recently kinda addicted to catching soft toys..some quite heng..1 or 2 bucks then got it..some we spent 10plus dollars to get...some spend money but also didnt get..see luck are some that were caught over the weekend...
caught with 1 buck

caught with 2 bucks

spent about 15bucks for these...

with about 4 bucks..cant rem

2 bucks...

This ponyo toy got a funny story.....Francis was trying to 'fish' for this toy so I tried to help him and caught it with 1 buck..den I gave the toy to him. After awhile, he went to play and also caught it with abt 2 he gave it to me haha..

Bought my parents to eat at Soup restaurant on 2nd May to celebrate early mother's day..still dunno what present to get for my mum..That's it la, am tired to update liao..tata

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