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Monday, December 22, 2008; 12:06 PM

21st December 2008

Slept till 3pm then woke up and prepare cos im having dinner with dear and his family to celebrate his belated bday. His sis came over to fetch me and off we went to AMK to eat seafood but they specialise in crabs. I think the name was mellben restaurant or something like that..cant remember lol..anyway food was ok..not bad..price is reasonable as well. After dinner, we went off to Tampines to have a little shopping. Bought some Christmas presents and I saw this cute snowman shaped thing at BreadTalk..

Lol..I dont know what's inside it yet..shall go try it out then update on it. After walking through the over crowded Tampines Mall and Century Square, his sis sent me home and that ends my Sunday. ^^

20th December 2008

Today is dear's actual birthday so Happy Birthday! Real tired as I didnt sleep much in the tent and ys drove us home at about 9am. Reached home quickly bathe and suddenly my mouth very itchy so cooked some porridge to eat first before we ko-ed. Slept at 10plus am and woke up at 4pm .... went to surf net awhile and play games until abt 7plus Jeff sms-ed to inform to meet at Pasir Ris at 9pm for fishing. So took a bus from my house there and the journey makes me wanna puke. Next time just take train liao...Once there, immediately feel hungry and thirsty again..ys drove us all to Pasir Ris park to find a good spot to settle down and fish. From 11pm till 5am we spent the night there but least we caught a home at about 6am and immediately KO liao..

19th December 2008

Its the day of celebration today. Stayed at home and wait for dear's cake to arrive at 6pm. After that, dear reached and we ate some dessert and packing stuff while waiting for ys to come over to pick us up as we're carrying two cakes and I'am bringing my doggie along for camping. Reached ECP at about 8plus and went to meet up with the rest and proceed to pitch up the tents. Ok, ordered 4 large pizzas from canadian pizza and at about 12mn after everybody reached, we started our celebration. (Not much pics from my phone though..anyone has other pics please send to me thanks :D)

Diane's cake

Dear's cake (its all cake!)

"Director" Jeff and dear (duno what they doing)

One more picture of "Director" jeff (lighting candle ceremony)

Make a wish time (but Diane is not ready yet)

Ok..make wish again

Birthday gal Diane & Birthday boy TP

what's up why TP always close eyes one...

Happy 18th Birthday to Diane and 23rd Birthday to 2 videos but ehh sorry ar..have to tilt your heads abit to watch it due to my noob-ness in video taking.

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