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Thursday, December 25, 2008; 2:14 PM

Just woke up after Christmas Eve's decided to update my blog again ba..Merry Christmas to everyone~ Hope you had enjoyed your Christmas be it with friends, family or love ones. For me, I spent my Christmas eve with friends and dear.

24th December 2008

Dear came over to my house after he knock off from work at 12.30pm. Had KFC for lunch and wrap our presents up as we are going to have a gift exchange session with the rest of the gang. Met up with Jeff, QiuLi, Francis, Fianeis, Diane and Isabelle at Bedok interchange and off we go to ys house for steamboat dinner. Thanks to ys and his mum for preparing our food and it was a wonderful meal. Billy, Leila and aunty Connie came over a short while after to join us in our dinner. No pictures as everyone is enjoying their food and company.

After dinner, ys drove everyone down to The Cathay for our movie Ip Man. Movie was nice, worth the money if you like martial arts film. Dear loved it and even wanted to buy the dvd when it's released...personally for me I am impressed with their kung fu skills even though I know nothing about kung fu. LOL

After movie, it was almost 12am..but erm by the time we got out of the building it seems to be after 12am ehh no countdown for us..just simply wish our friends a Merry Christmas~ Off we go to mount faber to relax and chit chat session. Stayed there till about 2am then ys sent aunty Connie and Fianeis home before we head to this place call "rui chun" for dim sum. Food was nice but abit costly..but oh well..its dim sum after all.

Finally headed home at about 4am and straight to bed we went as dear needs to work on Christmas day...sian right..he woke up at about 6plus am to prepare for work and after he left I continue my piggy sleep until 2pm......hahaha...

Our christmas gifts from dear friends:

Dear's uniquely designed gift from QiuLi

My cutie dog design gift from Jeff

Aunty Connie's gifts to us when she went overseas

And last of all, dear's birthday present from Aunty Connie as well

Thanks to everyone for their presents and hope that they liked their presents too ^^ Gathering for this coming Wednesday's New Year Party ba :D

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