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Sunday, February 15, 2009; 8:08 PM

Finally I got some time to blog..been busy working, training and of cos spending time outside whenever i can. Went to Hougang Mall for a quick walk and also to buy dear a pair of new shoes.
His shoes
Tabao Kfc home to eat and he went home after dinner as we both are working tomorrow. Off days always seem to pass so

14th February 2009

Well, the most anticipated time of the year for couples..though most of us agree that when you are with the one you love, everyday is Valentine's day too. Here's wishing to all couples a Happy Valentine's Day~
Vday still must work..lucky only half day lol..dear came over after my work and went back to my house first. Changed and off we go to to changi airport Terminal 2. Nope, we are not going overseas...just off to soup a real heavy lunch and it made us both real full till midnight..

Some of the food we ordered..all very yummy~
After the yummy lunch..we went to Kallang leisure park for a stroll..crowded everywhere..saw this game shop..and of course I just had to went in. this year my vday gift from dear was....................a rock band complete set~ includes guitar, drum set, uhh microphone and the game itself. Was thinking whether to get the set for wii or the set for ps3. So end up we took the one for ps3 cos the disc is blu-ray and both are the same price. Anyway, I love it and we can spend the day playing with it when we are lazy to go out haha.

The very big box which we have to bring it home immediately cos we cant walk around with it
The guitar similar to the one in arcades
The drum set
Microphone for you to sing

We got home and tested the items and of cos playing with it as well until we finally got hungry at 12plus am then we walk down to Bedok central for Mac. Dear stayed over and we only got to sleep at 4am..overall, it was a nice vday for me, cos I'm with my loved one :)

13th February 2009

Celebrated Aunty Connie's and Fianeis's birthday. Met up with the gang after work at Chinatown for dinner. Had seafood from this place..I forgot what's the name...I only remembered that the dishes were real expensive...after dinner, wanted to eat dessert at Temple St at first but it was closed already so we went to Swensens instead. Wanted to surprise them with a cake but ahhh we didnt realise aunty Connie was behind us and she saw the cake .... there goes our we all ordered ice cream to share and had the cake as well. Forgot to take pictures...home at 11plus cos some of us are working the next day. Hope they have a happy birthday and may their wishes come true~

8th February 2009

Off day again, got time to go shopping liao as my pay came in already as well. Went to Eastpoint's challenger and bought a mouse for my laptop cos the old ones all spoilt....also, we bought a wii game which my parents can play too..9 mini games inside..fav game was 'charge', where you have to ride a bull and knock down scarecrows..childish it may seem, but fun for everyone be it old or young lol.

wii play

7th February 2009
We met up with Francis and Jeff at night to eat at Bedok 85. Had seafood again but it's nice ^^ . There's a pasar malam there so we went to take a walk after dinner. Saw the games section which looked fun...3bucks for 50balls lol..supposed to try to throw the balls into the holes for points. We played a few games and got some kiddish prizes.

The machine
random sleepy pic of milky

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