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Sunday, March 29, 2009; 7:09 PM

Woke up at 10am thinking that we were going to eat lunch with dear's family but turns out that its in the evening..dots..that's the consequences of not asking properly beforehand. Ended up went to walk walk and eat lunch. Went to Simei hoping to find some 2nd hand games for wii and ps3 but no didnt buy any..went to taka jewellery as we decided to buy one pair of diamond earrings for his mum for present as well.

Headed down to suntec in the evening for dinner at Pearl River palace. Nice food and reasonable prices. Its a buffet dinner where you pay 30plus per person, you get a mini buddha over the wall, beijing duck and over 50 variety of food for you to pick and order as you like. You can eat and eat nonstop. After a very full dinner, went to bugis to meet up the the rest of the gang before heading to mac to slack...

Chit chat in mac and most of us feel like going to Genting well lets plan for this coming good friday's holiday ba

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